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Welcome to our Research Section

The DESSAR is committed to helping Compatriots, prospective members and the general public with resources to assist in research of ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War or aided in the cause to establish the United States of America. We are continuing to develop databases that can help identify Patriots that have been recognized by the National Society SAR for their service.

  • The Patriots List provides the names of 1217 unique proven Patriots whom DESSAR members have cited in their applications and supplemental applications. These Patriots derive from almost 1650 regular applications and 320 supplemental applications. They are organized by last name to assist in searching the list.

  • The NSSAR also recognizes as Patriots those residents of certain tax jurisdictions who supported the Revolutionary War through their monetary contributions. The Tax Lists are approved by the National Society Genealogy Committee and these contributors may be used as an ancestor Patriot. Two such tax lists have been certified and more are pending for approval.

  • The DESSAR Patriot Graves Committee has identified more than 425 known Patriot graves in Delaware. This is an on-going effort by the Committee to find the resting places of our many ancestors. Many of the individual graves have been designated with SAR markers or Cemeteries with several graves have received plaques naming those Patriots.